Lambie Brothers

Self Portraits: Time, Identity and Duality

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Two Halves of a Face Shadowlands Two Brothers at Night (The Prognosis of Being) Walking and Talking
Wanted Night-time Farmyard Lambie Brothers in the Mirror Pond The Red Triangle
Rara Avis One Lambie Brother Honest Woodcutters Identity Lambie Brothers
Our self portraits represent us. Us as ourselves, us in assumed identities, us how we see ourselves and as we are seen, us as we might have been and as we might be in future. They represent our investigation into the fundamental issues of time, identity and duality. With them we examine what it is to be human and to be recorded; memorialised within the photographic moment and the photographic frame.
We insert ourselves into different time periods so that we might better understand ourselves and our current moment. Through photography and words we explore what it is to exist in our time.
With any portrait there will always be a powerful engagement with identity. This is redoubled by the presence of the two of us in our self portraits. By assuming different roles and adopting alternative characters we investigate our own identities and our shared identity as a pair of brothers, as well as the new identities we create.
We work together. Every image is collaborative, every word we write relates to our shared endeavour. Our self portraits are of us and about us. They are of our past and of imagined histories, of possible futures, and many versions of the contemporary instant.