Lambie Brothers


Japanese 日本語
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The Perpetual Teabreak The Ongoing Discussion A Sweet Melody Recalled From Somewhere A Pause In The Days Labour
An Unusual Opening Gambit Another Difficult Question Is Posed On A Winters Morning Shadows Fall Briefly Waves Crash Upon Unseen Rocks
Sounds Of The Ocean Echo Amongst The Net Huts A Dialogue Renewed The Pursuit Of Knowledge A Welcome Visitor Bearing Gifts

Time and again, and the time before,
Who’s that knocking on the front door?
And that gytrash in the doorway,
Has he been there before?

Thoughts thought fast but pondered long,
Recurring like the melody of a Siren’s song,
Eternally changing like Oceanus,
Shape-shifting, ever moving, polymorphous.

Scythe and an hourglass,
Two sets of wings,
One open, one closed while the Siren still sings.
Inexorable rhythm and flow of the clock
As we’re drawn ever closer to unseen rocks.

(poem 2016)
In this autobiographical series we seek to unsettle the temporal certainty of the photograph’s fixed moment in time. By creating visual stories, we celebrate life’s fleeting pleasures in balance with the implied perpetuity of the frozen photographic instant. With Transience, we wish to set in motion a discussion about the nature of time that reaches deep into the heart of photography and on into an exploration of the human condition.